Light reflections from Lake Como

The artist

Filippo Avalle

The discovery of plexiglas, which is to become his material, opens a new artistic dimension for him.

He shapes it through etchings, chromatic filters, transparencies, grindings and stratifications, to achieve the complexities of facial expressions and imaginary architectures.

Self-taught, he experiments for many years, before beginning to teach, and has never stopped.


Opera Unica (All One Artwork)

Athread of Ariadne weaves through the artist’s work and “shows” itself to describe Avalle’s life project “Opera Unica” (All One Artwork), that is in constant evolution.

A visual narrative of works that encompass the past, live the dynamics of modern day and look to the future. Painting, sculpture, architecture, technology of materials and lighting design are the resources that nourish this itinerary.

House Museum

An itinerary guided by light

in a space immersed in drawings, paintings and sculptures, from the Sixties to today.
Labyrinths made of plexiglas and light that emerge from the rigor of preparatory drawings, paintings, collages, illustrated manuscripts, books and scale models. An experience of coming together.

Opera di Filippo Avalle

School - bottega

“As the paintbrush is the extension of the painter’s hand and the pen or mouse is such for the graphic designer, for the professor, the tools of the trade extend, in my case, to the didactic experience that confronts itself with the expectations of the students, taking into account their visions, necessities and aspirations”.