Great Artwork no.6

Atlanta Opus Epicum

1981 – 1982
Stratigraphic structure in plexiglas
cm. 200 x 257 x 10,5
Fondazione Volker Feierabend, Milan

This piece achieves an important goal: it is the three-dimensional representation of a luminous psychosomatic body, the result of extensive preparatory studies – of both anatomy and psychoanalysis, especially of authors like Freud and Lacan – which were preceded by drawings and artworks on single organs. Conceived from the life-changing experience of seeing the crucified Christ in the Isenheim Altarpiece in Colmar, it intersects my fascination for Lindsay Kemp’s movements that suggest the image of an astronaut, and opens a new phase of representation of the human body, in particular with the “olotratti”.