Great Artwork no. 12

L'Ultima Cena – Viaggio infinito nel cervello-mente
(The Last Supper – Infinite journey in the brain-mind)

Stratigraphic structure in plexiglas
cm. 180 x 68 x 18
Fondazione Credito Valtellinese, Sondrio

Leonardo’s Cenacolo Vinciano is the masterpiece that inspired my work commissioned by the Fondazione del Credito Valtellinese. In order to revive this religious subject, I chose to focus on the aspects of discovery, knowledge and change, positioning the cenacle on the bottom and imagining the apostles as carriers of diverse religions: in this way Christ becomes a “brain-mind” within the triangle (the Trinity), that embodies the messages of faith in a luminous spiritual journey, which is in constant evolution, as evoked by the galactic architecture that explodes on either side of the artwork.