Great Artwork no. 9

Obelisco solare (Solar obelisk)

Tensile structure in tempered glass and plexiglas, with fiber optics, interferential filters, stainless steel and mirror; Light incorporated in the base
cm. 70 (base diameter), m. 11 (height)
Costa Allegra Ship

This artwork was achieved in collaboration with the architect Guido Canali and installed in the entrance hall of the Costa Allegra cruise ship. For the first time a new lighting engineering technology was employed by means of the conjunction of light with fiber optics in plexiglas. During the day the effect is that of luminous ice beads, with light blue and violet colored shapes, and with red and yellow sprays. At night the colored sparks of the fiber optics prevail over the sculpture that is composed of a dynamic tensile structure in stainless steel.