Saturday 17 / Sunday 18 June 2023

Filippo Avalle - House Museum

Inauguration - Theatrical staging of the operas

Play “The history of the hedgehog” – in homage to Anna Politkovskaya.

Direction: Maurizio Maravigna
Light sculptures: Filippo Avalle
Actor: Alessandro Avanzi
Poems: Helma Maessen
Home automation and lighting programming: Daniele Cetti
Photography: Laura Benaglia

Catalogue: texts by Michele Caldarelli, Chiara Fagone, Vincenzo Guarracino, Maurizio Maravigna e Filippo Avalle.

Some shots of the inauguration of 17 and 18 June 2023
Filippo Avalle nel museo

The exhibition space

in a House overlooking Lake Como, a small Museum has come into being.

Like a treasure chest, it safeguards a collection of more than a hundred sculptures and drawings: a compendium of the “Opera Unica” (All One Artwork) beginning from the Sixties.

During the day, the lights and colors of the lake enter in communion with the luminous colors of the sculptures.

In the evening, luminescent sceneries spurt like star dust from the walls, the ceiling, and rise up from the floor.

We await your visit so that we can bathe you in this experience of lights, transparencies and colors.

“I’ve worked for over thirty years here without ever developing, in a concrete manner, the idea of an exhibition space.

The scenery transformed based on the piece I was working on in that moment.

This most certainly had an allure that we will try to preserve now that we are preparing a space for you that… lights up little by little.”