The story of the Hedgehog Man

Alle porte d’Europa (At the gates of Europe)

Stratigraphic artwork in plexiglas, with led light incorporated in the base
(Stratigraphic drawing in color polyester and artwork detail)
Cm. 78 x 57 x 10
Private collection

“The fact is that Europe has accepted the existence of a territory in which one can do what one wants with impunity. And the war that is being fought does not seem to touch Europeans in the least (…) A terrible thing. Dangerous. Dangerous especially for Europe because it has already happened. In 1933…”
This is what Anna Politkovskaya writes regarding Chechnya in an article of 2001, recently republished in a collection by Adelphi (p. 467), that has made a lasting impression and inspired me to conceive artworks like these, influenced also by the daily tragedies of the many migrants fleeing from war and unbearable life conditions. In this work, subtitled “Anatomia di una strage” (Anatomy of a massacre), the desperate and “repelled” movement of migrants becomes the representation of the world seen like a seesaw in perpetual motion, where today it could be your turn to go up, and tomorrow the one who goes down could be yet you again. Suddenly.