Libro luminoso, una storia insolita nel “mobile invisibile”

Luminous book, an unusual story in the “invisible piece of furniture”

Opera: Libro luminoso

Book prototype, plexiglas sculpture – from an idea by Claudio Cascone
cm. 56 x 24 x 11

The volume of the book is made up of 6 sheets of plexiglas containing two parallel stories.
Each sheet is illuminated by means of a manual rotating cylinder with a neon light inside. The first story is made up of images from the “Mobile invisible” (Invisible piece of furniture), representative of the research carried out at the NABA School of Design: the artwork was created together with my students and exhibited at the Salone del Mobile 2000 in Milan.
The second story, this one too can be leafed through because it is arranged in the center of each sheet, evokes the themes and images of my sculpture entitled “Una storia insolita” (An unusual story), based on the mystery of a waterfall of light and the strange characters that revolve around it.