Olotratto of

Eugenio Montale

Stratigraphic structure in plexiglas
cm. 55 x 73 x 20
Private collection

“…Tendono alla chiarità le cose oscure, / si esauriscono i corpi in un fluire di tinte: queste in musiche. Svanire è la ventura delle venture”.

“Towards the light dark things turn, / bodies dissolve in a flow /of hues: now these are music. Receding is thus / the fate of all fates”.

This text by Eugenio Montale is only one of the flashes of inspiration for this artwork, in which, each time that our degree of observation is increased, the piece becomes more and more anfractuous. Through transparencies, an uninterrupted game of specular fractions of images can be seen, appearing and disappearing. Using the poet’s words: “stable contours, plausible faces and possessions” are not traceable.