The story of the Hedgehog Man - The Story

Un ultimo appunto, sull'amore (One last note, on love)

Drawing on polyester and paper
Cm. 30 x 20
Private collection

This could be the last panel of the story, with a female voice that recites three distinct moments from Anna Politkovskaya’s book: “One last note, on love. (…) It’s when people no longer care for their own people that tragedies begin (…) we are used to refusing that which we do not wish to know (…) but living in peace is possible or isn’t it?*

I’m not sure if the story will end here, as I keep going back to develop new scenes.

*Per questo. Alle radici di una morte annunciata. Articoli 1999-2006, Adelphi 2009, pp. 489, 325 e 179