The story of the Hedgehog Man

Sole dentro (Sun inside)

Stratigraphic sculpture in plexiglas with led light and photovoltaic cells incorporated in the base
(Stratigraphic drawing on polyester, animated on rotating plexiglas disc with reflecting outlines)
cm. 50 x 51 x 11
Private collection

The sun entered suddenly in my atelier. Seated at a table, scrutinizing the lines of a drawing, in the flash of light reflected from the wave movement of the lake, I saw them ripple, and then, after a few seconds, turn various colors that went from rose-violet to light-blue green. All of the details of the drawing blended together and created a spectacular weave of shapes and colors. Enraptured by that mirage, I felt I was one with nature. It lasted for a few moments. I sealed it within me and entitled the drawing “Sole dentro” (Sun inside). I then translated it into a luminous artwork that enters the stage in the Prologue of the Storia dell’uomo riccio (Story of the hedgehog man).