The story of the Hedgehog Man

Testa Ecosofica (Ecosophic head)

Stratigraphic sculpture in plexiglas, light incorporated in the base
Cm. 30 x 28 x 32
Private collection

The old hedgehog man in my story, not in that of Anna Politkovskaya, while wandering about, at a certain point falls into a catoptric labyrinth and narrates: “A mirror above me moves, it reflects in another mirror and shows here and now that which is occurring at a distance; it projects things that I did not want or could not see and that in this instant are reproduced in front of me. From below, an inclined mirror rotates and shows the backside of overturned mirrors, mirrors that work as intermediaries between that which I see in front of me and that which is behind me and that I can’t see. I move; the mirrors around me jeopardize my position, all points of reference are gone and I’m not able to understand where I am”. He sees mirrors everywhere, he would like to be able to go through them, but he consumes himself in his imprisonment: “These reflections are clouding over / these lights are becoming dimmer / these fragments are fogging up / these compresences are horrifying / Am I hell?” This work precedes “Ecosofo” (Ecosopher), constructed with salt and plexiglas: I only used fragments of methacrylate for this (self) portrait in which time blends together. In the theatrical performance that I am conceiving, the artwork takes the stage after a dramatization of an episode from my childhood.