Great Artwork no.4

Incendio a Beaubourg (Fire at Beaubourg)

Axonometric structure in plexiglas, glass, steel and mirror
cm. 300 x 160 x 65
Private collection

The idea of a metaphoric fire at the Beaubourg came to me the first time that I found myself physically in front of the impressive Museum: the “toy-like” architecture appealed to me right away because it revealed the inner organs of the structure, for example the entrance stairs. That gave me the idea of making it transparent, envisaging a museum where the artworks themselves were an integral part of the architecture. I conceived a large prismoid in which architectural elements of the Museum floated about alongside pictorial and sculptural images: despite the implication of something set on fire, it is not an iconoclastic artwork, but a fusion between painting, sculpture and architecture.
In the image, the position of the artwork at the Palazzo delle Stelline, headquarters of the Credito Valtellinese.